One Pueblo

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Program Activities

One Pueblo outdoor camps break the girls’ structured routines of life in an institution by offering them a variety of activities to enjoy at their leisure.  Our many volunteers make it possible for girls to ride horses and bikes, kayak, swim, take nature walks, learn arts and crafts, or just hang in a hammock free of their rigid institutional routines.   The volunteers encourage the girls to overcome their fears and self-imposed limitations through one-on-one mentoring.  Several of the volunteers are young Mexican women who set an example of avoiding risky behaviors, staying in school, and making wise dating and marriage choices.

The girls’ sense of accomplishment when they learn to gallop horses, paddle kayaks, or create handicrafts goes a long way to build the self-confidence they need to stay in school and make positive life decisions.  The individual attention shown them by One Pueblo mentors and volunteers gives each girl the sense of her worth and potential. 

To date, 140 children from Mexico City, Morelia, and Patzcuaro have benefited from weekend and school vacation camps.  The La Esperanza Orphanage in Mexico City also received three computers and an internet connection in support of the girls’ academic research and schoolwork.  We plan to add more girls from at least one other Mexican orphanage next year. 

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